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GOAL : The broad goal of teaching the undergraduate medical students in the field of Radio-diagnosis should be aimed at making the students realise the basic need of various radio-diagnostic tools in medical practice. They should be aware of the techniques required to be undertaken in different situations for the diagnosis of various ailments as well as during prognostic estimations.

OBJECTIVES :To acquire knowledge and develop skills as under

A) Knowledge:At the end of the course of Dermato-S.T.D. and Leprology, the student Shall be able to:

Understand basics of X-ray production, its uses and hazards.

Appreciate and diagnose changes in bones - like fractures, infections, tumours and metabolic bone diseases.

Identify and diagnose various radiological changes in disease conditions of chest and mediastinum, skeletal system, G.I. Tract, Hepatobiliary system and G.U. system.

Learn about various imaging techniques, including isotopes C.T., Ultrasound, M.R.I. and D.S.A.


B) skill The student should be able to:

Use basic protective techniques during various imaging procedures.

Interpret common X-ray, radio-diagnostic techniques in various community situations.

Advise appropriate diagnostic procedures in specialized circumstances to appropriate specialists.

This is Government self-finance Institute.

Admission (SFI & NRI) is through Central Admission Committee ( and by merits only. There is no management quota. Even after last counselling, if seat is vacant, admission is not given by this institute. If any person demands money for admission to this institute, inform the Vigilance Cell of Government of Gujarat.

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