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Goal :After the internship in the department of Anesthesiology an intern shall acquire knowledge, skill and attitude to:

Perform pre-anaesthetic check up and prescribe pre-anaesthetic medications.

Perform venepuncture and set up intravenous drip.

Perform laryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation.

Perform lumbar puncture, spinal anaesthesia and simple nerve blocks.

Conduct simple general asaesthetic procedures under supervision.

Conduct simple general asaesthetic procedures under supervision.

Monitor patients during anaesthesia and post operative period.

Recognise and manage problems associated with emergency anaesthesia.

Maintain anaesthetic records.

Recognise and treat complication in post operative period.

Perform cardio-pulmonary brain resuscitation (C.P.B.R.) currectly, including recognition of cardiac arrest.

This is Government self-finance Institute.

Admission (SFI & NRI) is through Central Admission Committee ( and by merits only. There is no management quota. Even after last counselling, if seat is vacant, admission is not given by this institute. If any person demands money for admission to this institute, inform the Vigilance Cell of Government of Gujarat.

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